Homeowners in more arid locations

Their inventory of bolster, heating, cooling, orthopedic or traditional beds come in a wide range of brands and models to suit each home situation or design requirement. They have items to fit the needs of dogs, cats, birds or fish owners, and offer free shipping for orders above $49. Other clients might have special needs, especially if they're the owner of an older dog or one who has joint or skeletal problems. Dog beds help isolate dander or smells to one location, making for easy clean up and a fresher smelling home. Many pet owners consider their dogs not just as an animal that loves to play and run around, but as a distinct member of their family. Homeowners in more arid locations would benefit greatly from beds designed to keep their pooch cool and comfortable during the harsh summer. The metal Cool Cot from Hugs Pet Products® gives their dog an elevated area to rest that allows for air to circulate freely underneath the fabric, creating a comfy environment FR Combined Fabrics Manufacturers for them to sleep in. Petmate® manufactures an antimicrobial orthopedic dog bed that was made especially for older pets. It is covered with faux suede and micro terry that has been treated with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit the growth of mold or odor causing bacteria. The fabric is a very tough, PVC mesh that is easy to clean and contains no stuffing that might harbor fleas or other pests. Southland Pet Supply offers a wide variety of dog beds to meet the unique needs of any loving pet owner. Southland Pet Supply carries a wide assortment of products and treats for pets of all kinds.00. It features a low profile, making it easy for the pet to get in and out without undue strain on their joints. While some are comfortable with letting their pet spend the night on the sofa or on their bed, others would prefer that Fido have their own place to call their own.